Tips for Developing Efficient Study Habits

Many students have a problem with learning and remembering. Moreover, students are not only burdened with heavy coursework, but also other non-coursework activities. Often students study a lot, yet they feel that the amount of input is not proportionate to the output. Students need to know how to develop efficient study habits.

You should read with a purpose. As you read, develop a questioning mind. Pose questions to yourself as you read and also try to answer them. This way, you will develop an analytical reading habit that will help you to retain information for much longer periods.

Our brain takes time to take in information and process it. If you go on with this process non-stop for a long period, the system will get tired and will take longer and longer time to process information. So, take a break of about ten minutes for every 50 minutes of work. This will help to refresh your brain and make it work for much longer. You can also try changing subjects or tasks every hour.

Review your notes after one hour of study, setting aside ten minutes for it. Research has proven that if you do not review or recall what you have learned, you are most likely to forget 50-80 percent of what you’ve learned in the next 24 hours. So try to retain as much as possible by continually reviewing your lessons.

These study tips will be very handy to ensure your study sessions are productive.