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5 Tips to Creating a Great Online Study Space

A quiet and organized study space is incredibly important when studying online. When you are studying online your home becomes your campus and you need to establish a space that reflects that. Whether it is a dedicated study or a space in your bedroom, as an online student you need to be able to focus on the task at hand, and creating a space with minimal distractions is a great way to establish good study patterns.

1. Work out a location.

Look for a location in which you can store your study materials and work uninterrupted.

2. What are Your Power Requirements?

Are you using a desktop computer or will you need to be charging your laptop, tablet or phone while you study? Or are you devices able to maintain charge for long enough to complete study tasks? Ensure that the power you need is easily accessible through a wall socket, extension leads or battery banks.

3. Find a Practical Surface

A desk or if you have limited space a lap desk or other easily accessible stable flat surface might seem overrated in an age of handheld technology but when taking notes as part of your online study, or typing using a keyboard a sturdy, flat surface is often a necessity.

4. Put up a Study Calendar

A visual aid such as a study calendar is a great way to stay focused while you are undertaking online study in your study space. Whether it’s poster on your wall, or easily accessible in a workbook or on a device having a study calendar on hand helps with motivation and organization.

5. Make Sure Your Space is Comfortable and Ergonomic

Assure that you aren’t going to get sore or uncomfortable in your study space. Discomfort is distracting and may lead to stopping your online study session early.