Should I Go Back to School?

Many Americans are working jobs that despise and remain complacent, making the choice of doing nothing about it. Often the idea of switching jobs or considering a new career runs across their mind, however the self doubt begins to kick in. The voices inside their heads say, “I don’t have time,”, “I’m too old”, “I’m not sure what I would study” and the list goes on. However, the truth is opportunity is available and possible at any stage of life.


You might be thinking, “where do I start when considering going back to school?”. One thing to consider is what interests you and if you have an idea of what you would study. You don’t always need to have an immediate answer as many course required general required courses before getting into your major for your degree. If you can identify what you’re passionate about, there’s a good chance there is a course at a local college/university or online school that can cater to those classes. 

The next thing to consider is financial commitments to getting back to school. It’s no secret that enrolling in college or university courses comes with a cost, however, there are options for grants and financial aid. Prior to applying, search around the internet and find out how easy it is to receiving additional funding and getting one step closer to your dream job.


It’s time to evaluate if you should go back to school and make that leap into your future dream career!