Career Education

The Pros & Cons Part-Time School

Our lives are full of demands, ranging from our family obligations, career deadlines, or other personal interests. If you are considering going back to school, you may wonder how you can balance out your current responsibilities while focused on going back to school. The good news is that several schools offer part-time enrollment opportunities. Whether you consider a degree, part-time basis or full-time, it is helpful to evaluate the different attributes, pros and cons, of time, money, and criteria.

One benefit of attending part time schedule is the flexibility in your scheduling. Most part-time programs offer classes in the evening, which allow students to keep their current and/or pursue their interests at the same time. The potential drawback is the timeline required to complete a degree.

In regards to financial commitments, part-time will allow you to spread out the financial commitments and burden of repaying your education. That extra year to draw out the payment may be helpful to avoid large lumps paid like a full-time student. On the other side, the extra time in school could potentially increase total cost and forgo some potential eligible scholarships.

Since part time programs differ from full-time programs in terms of time, money and admissions criteria, make sure to evaluate the pros/cons to determine if part time is the right criteria to meet your best interests.