Ways to Make Your Job More Flexible When Going Back to School

Are you planning on going back to college but your schedule doesn’t seem to allow it? Worry not for there is a way to make your work more flexible. It might require a few sacrifices but it is certainly worth the effort.

  1. You can change when you work

You will be surprised at how flexible your work can be if only you ask. Some employers are willing to allow their employees to adjust their schedules according to their daily needs. Working a flexible job allows you to get the task done. Several studies have proven that flexible working-hours increases employee retention. So, approach your boss with a plan on how this arrangement will work.

  1. You can change where you work

Even if you love your job, there is a chance that you will love it less if you had a better option. Working according to the conventional schedule and location might not be convenient for you especially if you are going back to school. So, you can consider finding another income source that will allow the flexibility. For instance, you can take up a telecommunications job or work remotely.

  1. You can change your working terms

If you thought that getting the job done meant having one person sitting behind that desk, you can rest assured that you were wrong. One way is through job sharing, where two people share the same full-time job. You can come in at different times of the day or one can work from home. Although the arrangement seems like a part time job, it is advantageous in that your co-worker can cover for you when you are taking your exams. You may have to share your income 50/50. While this is not ideal, having such a flexible schedule will allow you to go back to school.