Tips To Recover From an Interview Stumble

Job interviews are rarely easy. They can be nerve-racking even when you are polished and overqualified for the job. Unfortunately, you might succumb to saying the wrong words; leaving you feeling like you already lost the job. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that all is lost. Here are ways to recover your composure after an interview stumble.

  1. When you say: “I hate my current job, my boss stinks”

Start by apologizing. Say that what you meant was that your job doesn’t allow you to utilize your potential fully. Say that you love being highly productive. Admitting that you used the wrong words to describe what you feel about your job will give you a chance to change the phrase. Make sure you make it clear that all you want is a more challenging role.

  1. When you say: “I do not really like the work itself, but I will be an excellent cultural fit here.”

Recover by saying that you love the organization, in terms of its culture and brand. Say that you would be happy if they give you an opportunity to contribute to the company’s success. The initial statement gives an impression that you feel like the job is not interesting. The correction paints a different picture of someone who likes the job and wouldn’t have a challenging time fitting in.

  1. When you say: “I do not know where I want to be in five years.”

Recover by saying that you are passionate about sharpening your skill set for the industry and that you like the organization and its management team. Say that while you may not know which position you may like to hold in the next five years, you are looking for a long-term role. The initial statement makes an impression that you are only trying them out and using them as a launch pad. So, make sure you correct it.