Smart Ways to Conquer the Fear of Going Back to School

“Success starts at the end of fear” – anonymous

You have been debating over it for months. Finally you have gathered your courage to go back to school. You know that getting the certificate will improve your life but the fear is crumbling. How do you avoid succumbing to the anxiety?

  1. Admit that you are scared

Let’s be candid: one of the easiest ways out of fear is pretending that it doesn’t scare us. There is something deep inside convincing you that hiding your fears in pretence will save you; but it won’t. It is human to be afraid. However, if you want to be a successful adult student, you must overcome the beast of fear. The first step is to admit how you feel.

  1. Understand your goals

Nothing beats fear as much as motivation does. Before signing up for the course, take some time to evaluate your goals. What do you want to achieve? Will getting this education bring you closer to realizing your dreams? Setting goals will give you purpose.

  1. Keep a positive mindset

When facing a huge challenge, here are some of the things that we tell ourselves:  

l It will make me look like a food

l There’s no way I will do this

l It’s not for me

l I am not ready

l This is too hard

Yes, going back to school is not the easiest task, but it isn’t the hardest either. Replace these negative thoughts with positive ones and enjoy your ride to a better future.

  1. Prepare well

Returning to school can be stressful but proper preparation will make the journey easier. Here are some ways to prepare for an easy transition:  

l Get a support system

l Read some of the material in advance

l Find out if there are any tutoring options

l Buy all the textbooks you require.

l Communicate with the lecturer and classmates