How to Keep a Competitive Edge While Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

If you are a stay-at-home mom (household CEO), then you know that it takes work and effort to get the job done. Unfortunately, the job market seems to forget that you exist for a while. Getting back to the grind can be challenging. The best part is that you can still run your household while keeping your career alive. Here’s how:

  1. Go back to school

One or two evenings in your busy schedule are enough to get another certificate. Dust off your books and get that education. Going to school will keep you within focus and help you to keep track of your career goals.

  1. Join a professional association

Back in high school, you liked being around people who had the same interests as yours. Even now, experts within your industry want to be around people who understand them, and they will be happy to have you on board. Find a professional association and get involved in their activities.

  1. Pursue your passion

Have you ever loved music but your work schedule would not allow you to practice? Life does not have to be all about dollars. Sometimes it is all fun and happiness. Now that you have the time do everything you have always yearned.

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile

Just because you are not working, you should not abandon your professional profile. Make sure that your profile is updated because you never know when a hiring manager starts looking for prospective employees. Reach out to former employees and other professionals within your scope of work and add them to your connections.

  1. Get a flexible job

There is no way to remain relevant career-wise than being in the market. Find a part-time job that allows you to raise your little one and take care of your family. If you can’t find one within your career line, take up any that is convenient.