4 Ways to Get Over a Mid-Career Slump

After working on the same job for more than a decade, it is easy to feel like you are on a career plateau and the role is no longer interesting. However, you cannot sit there and accept the situation. A happy work life usually translates to a fulfilling life. Here is how you can continue to shine during the second phase of your career.

  1. Consider your passions

Assure that you are engaging in something that feeds your soul. If you aren’t, it’s probably the high time you figure out what resonates with your soul and work on it. In the current generation where people are working several jobs and passing the retirement age, you have the opportunity to have a second or third act.

  1. Formulate a plan

Never leave your career to flow by chance. Create a strategy for where you want to be in the coming years and do everything within your power to attain it. Establish career development goals and revisit the plan regularly to ensure that you are on the right track. Modify it when necessary.

  1. Find a mentor

Most people have a mentor when they are starting out on their career but they lose him or her along the way. Find a way of continuously engaging with your sponsors and mentors once or twice in a year. Your support system will enable you to clarify shifts in the market and help you achieve them.

  1. Try something daring

If you feel like you are stalling in your career, there is no harm in transitioning to another position or even industry. You can do this easily by getting a mid-level internship. The value of such an experience is the chance to try out an exciting new sector. While you may have a hard time getting a paid job in the field, especially considering your lack of direct experience, it is worthwhile.